RO1 Team GT Racing Team Partnership

Catcoin is VERY proud to officially unveil our organic sponsorship/partnership with Camil Perian & Florin Tincescu of RO1 Racing! We are featured on their beautiful Porsche Racecar with a full size rooftop logo, as well as the driver's uniforms.

The GT Cup Open Europe, which successfully took off in 2019, aims at offering to GT car enthusiasts a top-level European series, based on six events on the most prestigious F.1 circuits across the continent.

There will be 4 remaining races this year for this Cup where Catcoin will be flying around the track for all to see. The next race is on June 19, 2022 (just before our Singapore Expo event), and will feature the team racing around the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

All current pictures can be found here:

Stop for a moment and consider this - You can essentially count the number of crypto entities that are currently sponsoring racecars on two hands, and most of them are exchanges and large cap alts. This puts us in a very elite category of projects that have the capacity to complete marketing moves like this, and yet our marketcap is still where it is. Congratulations on being here this early!

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