Who wants be a Catcoin Trillionaire?

Who wants be a Catcoin Trillionaire?

We all want to encourage our amazing community to Diamond hand Hold, yes? And every community member wants to get rich, yes? 

We at Catcoin HQ have purchased 1T tokens today and have them locked aware earning reflections everyday.

Now for the good part - When we re-achieve our ATH of 70M we will conduct a prize draw and randomly select one wallet from our community who will win the opportunity to win the 1T + Reflections token wallet that will likely to be worth $80-100K by the time we reach 70M

How to Join

- Hold a minimum off 100B tokens at the time of the draw (todays value $321)
- Have zero Catcoin sales from their wallet since 2200 UTC Monday 25th July 2022
- Transfers to Exchange / HOT Wallets would exclude the community member from the competition (To prevent selling on exchanges)
- Transfers to a wallet that subsequently sells would also exclude you from the competition

You are welcome to hold your $CATS in as many wallets as you wish to. More wallets will increase your % chance of winning.

The earlier you buy your 100B $CATS and lock them into a Never Sell wallet then the cheaper your entry to the competition will be. If you already have a 100B $CATS and have not sold since 22:00 UTC 25th July then you already have your Golden Ticket

Good Luck Everyone :-) and remember “Never Sell

Join Telegram https://t.me/catcoin_bsc

Contest Detail

Title Who wants be a Catcoin Trillionaire?
Start 2022-07-25 22:00:00 UTC
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